Published Short Stories

Shades of Grey – In a world where colour and individuality are sin, one woman discovers the shocking origin story of her Orwellian dystopia. This story first appeared in Deakin University’s Imagine journal in late 2011.

Maelstrom – A young boy struggles to find his mother in a landscape that threatens to change who he is. This originally appeared in Linguistic Erosion e-zine in April 2012.

Resistance is Futile – Hamish is a picture-perfect guy who lives in a world where being normal is all that matters, until that normal world is challenged by an unassuming girl from his past. Resistance is Futile appeared in The WiFiles in August 2014.

Platform 1 – An “evocative” flash fiction about anxiety in a Kafkaesque reality. Platform 1 received the Arts Assist Local Encouragement Award in the 2021 Wyndham Writing Awards.


We are Nobody – In a post-apocalyptic world fraught with violence and brutality, we focus on Robert Chance, who lost his daughter when the world “ended”. This tells of his experiences in a world where everyone is reduced to their base instincts.

Blacktail’s Journal – Meet Harrison Blacktail, a naive, young Britishman, in this overexaggeration of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Blacktail finds himself caught up in the mystery of a strange—perhaps vampiric—man from Austria-Hungary after his lover disappears.

No Zombies in the Real World – Our unnamed protagonist is working at a liquor store when giant fireballs take over the sky and bring about the apocalypse. One pressing concern lingers: will there be zombies?

Poetry CollectionMutant Monsters, Creepy Cooking, The Perfect Home and More: A Poetry Collection.

16.05.14 – This flash fiction is a quick play with words. It’s about mental health, survival, and being trapped in our own heads.

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