‘The Girl Before’ and The Book Review After

In December, when I was reviewing The One Who Got Away by Caroline Overington, I told myself “No more! No more reading Gone Girl knock-offs!” But, you know what, I was lying to myself. Because I’m going to read The Child by Fiona Barton and Paula Hawkins’s second book later this year. However, for The Girl Before, this month’s book, I wasn’t interested in it for a long while. You can blame my mother. My mum likes tagging me in stuff on Facebook, and she kept tagging me in stuff about this book, and telling me about it whenever she could. In the end, I caved in and requested it from the library. Last week, I discovered I only had two weeks to read it because of the monstrous queue at the library waiting to get their hands on this Girl on the Train-meets-Fifty Shades of Grey mix-up by the pseudonymous JP Delaney. Much like the other Gone Girl knock-offs, this book was a breeze to read, and I finished it in roughly a week, so lo and behold my review:

The Girl Before by JP Delaney was released in January of this year, and according to the book’s About the Author, there’s already a movie directed by Ron Howard in the works. The quick synopsis is this: two women, one in the present (Jane Cavendish) and the girl before (Emma Matthews), tell of their life in One Folgate Street, a cheap rental property with unique rules created by a perfectionist landlord they must abide by. Both women move into the house after dealing with their own traumas (Jane’s still reeling with the loss of Isabel, her stillborn baby, and Emma had a traumatic break-in in her last home) when they both embark on a relationship with the standoffish, perfectionist minimalist that is their landlord Edward Monkford. When Jane discovers that Emma, The Girl Before, died in One Folgate Street, she sets out to find out who killed Emma, which leads to her wondering if she can even trust the ultra-minimalist house at all?

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