Will I Give Justice To Sara In This Review of Erica Spindler’s Thriller?


Ten years ago, Sara McCall was brutally murdered with her sister’s baseball bat in small town Louisiana. Her younger sister, teen rebel Katherine McCall, was the logical and only suspect; she loathed her sister and they constantly fought. However, she was found not guilty after a lengthy trial, and disappeared to the Pacific Northwest to escape from the scrutinous glare of her neighbours and townsfolk.

A decade after the murder, Kat McCall returns to Liberty, Louisiana, to find justice for Sara. She’s been receiving letters from an anonymous stalker who still thinks she got away with murder, and Kat’s decided the only way to move on is to return home and find out who killed her sister once and for all. But the townspeople aren’t happy to see her, and someone, or some people, are willing to do anything to keep her quiet. She’s got an ally in local cop Luke Tanner, son of the Sergeant who so adamantly believed she was the killer, but is he the only one? Who killed Sara? Who killed Wally, the cop on the beat who also died that night, but no-one could find any connection? Will the letter writer finally destroy Kat and receive justice for Sara? Will Kat finally discover who killed her sister? Is she willing to bend the law—and find herself in harm’s way—to dole out justice?

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Sleeping Your Way to the Top of the Creativity Ladder

So, are you a morning or a night person?

So, are you a morning or a night person?

September 19 marked three years since I first started this blog, and I completely missed it.  There’s nothing especially special about keeping up a blog for three years—but wait a sec, don’t most people give up after a week or something?

But that’s not the point of this month’s blog post, as awesome as that feat is. Everyone who writes and keeps up a blog for any considerable point of time will reach milestones like this. That’s not the exciting bit. What’s exciting is, come the end of each month, I’ll write something new and enjoyable for you to peruse and enjoy. Whether it be a short story, a critique of the media or some simple writing tips, that’s what I’m here for. When I started, I was in my second year of university, awkwardly stumbling around the internet trying to make my mark.

This also isn’t the point of this month’s blog post. What’s happening to me!? No—wait a second—this happens every month! I start with some random stuff, and then lead into the more exciting stuff. In this month’s case—sleep!

What? What’s so important about sleep? you may ask, dumbfounded. I know all there is to know about sleep!

Recently I came across a Clickhole article—yes, Clickhole—and the article really intrigued me. It was called The Sleeping Habits of Five Geniuses. The ironic part was that I was reading this piece in the early hours of the morning; a time when I should usually be asleep. At least I don’t follow the “true and tested” “sleep cycles” of those famous people.  A thousand and one excuses about why I stay up so late started to run through my head: creative minds work better at night; Clickhole runs on an American schedule so all their important stuff appears on my Facebook feed at 4 or 5 in the morning; working nights means I do my best work in the early hours; I’ve actually been able to write with this bleary sleepless brain spurring me on, etc, etc.

Does our sleep cycle really matter in the whole scheme of things? Does it truly matter whether you’re up at the crack of dawn, or still pottering away into the early hours of the morning?

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