Blogging and Trolls — In the Dungeons, Of Course

It’s about making a creative opening picture every day/week/month.

When I started this blog up way back in September 2012, it was meant as a way to put all my writing in one place and maybe occasionally blog about the [not-so] wacky life of yours truly. I never really thought much of blogging; oh, it’s just something other people do when they write about fashion or their The Sims Sunset Valley/Pleasantview legacies.

Oh, how two years can change you. Well, not really, at least not in that fantastical, life-changing way. That’s the thing about blogging. Your life doesn’t have to be that exciting to have a blog. There’s a wider variety of everyday people who write more candidly on their blogs, whereas Facebook is more constricted and fake, and Twitter—well, let’s not go there.

But are we truly ourselves while blogging? Of course not. The only people who know our true selves are those who know us personally. Blogging provides an sneak peek into that life, where there are more words than Snapchat (of course), less attention seeking than Facebook (usually) and less intrusive than Twitter (buy my book now it’s only $2.99 on Amazon people).

I mean, I follow a more varied bunch of people through WordPress than on Twitter—from singers to activists to the religious and anti-religious, and yes, of course, fellow writers. There are some people who have more emotion than others while writing, speak more candidly, or even just write more often or less. Starting a blog is easy, but keeping it up; well, that’s another story. Even more exciting is the comments you receive from others, and hearing the viewpoints of others in this big wide world.

If you blog, has blogging changed how you see people or events? Are you happy when those you’ve followed have a new post available? Do you enjoy commenting and making comments—whether it be something interesting to add to the mix or just another troll/flame?

If you have no response, and that’s perfectly fine, here’s a comic for your enjoyment:



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