Writing For Your Audience, Plus a Short Story!

October is almost upon us, and with that, summer (or winter for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere) is coming.  While my September has consisted of playing The Sims 4 obsessively, a bit of writing, and celebrating my birthday, that’s not the point of this blog post. If I wanted this to be all about me, me, I’d have just posted an Instagram selfie. Yeah, not happening. Well, anyways…

09-28-14_11-33 PM

It doesn’t count if Arianna’s doing the selfie, right?

Many bloggers love to post their works on their blog. I mean, short poems or stories that they don’t want to submit to journals, or stories that have been published but the writer just wants to showcase their work on their blog. We’re all lazy beings. Sometimes we don’t want to click on a link and open up a new tab. Most of all, however, it’s because we want people to see our work. I want you to read my writing.

That’s one of the key reasons I write; I want to engage and inspire others. I want people to react to my work. Sometimes you may not agree with it, but having a reaction is good, unless you’re writing about something so awful and absurdly illegal, that it’s correct for people to disagree with you. I’m not going to write something like that. I just want you to enjoy my writing, and hopefully gain something from it. That’s why I like to combine literary and genre elements in my works: so a story can be both thought-provoking and an entertaining read.

14372953592_48cf4c7b28_oWhy am I telling you this? Because I’m including a short story on today/tonight’s blog post. It’s a story starring one of the characters from Dark Gaia Studio’s Mythos: The Beginning as the main character. It’s a sort of an overexaggeration of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It tells of a naive, young Britishman (who later becomes a university professor) as he finds himself caught up in the mystery of a strange man from Austria-Hungary. Enjoy! (Note: Blacktail from the game was named after this Blacktail, but they are the same man. This is set before the events of the game)


Blacktail’s Journal

Cuttings from the ‘British Gazette’ (Pasted in Harrison Blacktail’s journal)


12 Dec 1894 (Jonathan Danville) – A ghastly hysteria has befallen London today, following the mysterious vanishing of Church of England clergyman Thomas Paye and his daughter, Savannah, whilst on their return voyage to England from a missionary visit in the very east of Austria-Hungary. The constabulary have been instigating attempts into locating the pair, but most attempts have been fruitless. Locals have been urged not to take matters into their own hands, and to wait patiently for this seemingly macabre event to unfold in due season. Clergyman Paye is a recognised and well respected denizen of London, with many notable Lords and other noblemen gracing his presence throughout the years. Paye and his daughter were last seen three days ago preparing their return trip from the barony of Pezitha, overseen by Baron Zachariah von Lorenz.

 Journal of Harrison Blacktail

24 Dec – As I write this journal, I have just arrived myself into the mighty empire of Austria-Hungary. It is a queer place, full of the most different of beings, and grand, glorious castles and other fixtures of the scenery. I had left from London not yet one fortnight ago, upon hearing the ghastly news of the disappearance of my beloved, dear Savannah Paye. Our reunion had been set for Christmas, but I came upon a ghastly discovery reading this morning’s newspaper. Naturally, this had led to a sudden change of events that would lead me into the unchartered territory I am in now.

Where I am headed, Pezitha in the Hungarian colony has been quite the ghost town for many years, but my beloved has spent her time there with her dear father attempting to spread goodwill around the area. It was to my dismay that all did not go as planned, and of course I realised I must locate my dear before all is lost. I shudder to imagine a world without my beloved Savannah.

My journey had taken me alongside the cheerful mannerisms of many queer Hungarians, who told delightful tales of vampires and witchcraft and beasts masquerading as the unnatural, none of which I could decipher much sense. I regarded the majority as local lore and mere myth.

As my guide and I reached closer to the barony of Pezitha, their myths became more sinister and I felt myself tinged with a queer, unexplainable fear.

I shall continue my account of these events once I can locate the intriguing Baron von Lorenz, and once I have left these Hungarians.


24 Dec (Night) – What a frightful sight! Once I had left the Hungarians, including my oddly troubled guide at the very entrance to Pezitha – bemoaning me for continuing such a perilous journey – I found the barony quite bizarre. It is quite a silent town, surprising me by fitting the perceptions of the locals, and a complete contrast to the brilliance of Britain. It makes me feel a great loneliness for our Empire, but my desire to locate my beloved Savannah removes much unneeded fear. I must locate Savannah! This is no time for foolish irrationality.

I located Baron von Lorenz’s castle quite easily, as for me; it was quite striking, in an eerie and alien way. If there were not the long stretch of road leading up to the Castle, I still believe I shall have located it. If the Castle had been located in the Motherland, I am certain it would be considered amusing for one to place such an odd dwelling.

The horses do not like the Castle. I can understand them, for if it were not for dear Savannah, I would surely be heading back to London right this very second.

Naturally, I had expected for the Baron not to answer my desperate calls (perhaps he would be partaking in some ghoulish Hungarian activities), but after a few simple knocks on the hanger, one of his slaves opened up the door and invited me in as if we were already firm friends. I felt this perplexing, as the helpers back in the Motherland would not dare to acquaint themselves in a friendly manner. Their job was simply to serve us Britons. I suppose a queer fear for the Baron may perhaps be the reason for their cheerfulness, since so many I had come across believed in the myths and foolishness.


25 DecI do not trust this place. Queer is an understatement to how I view Baron von Lorenz and his lively slave-workers. I spent a lively evening with von Lorenz, in which I attempted to squeeze out answers regarding my beloved. However, von Lorenz only continued to blather on about how Hungary is a land of such cold winters. It only furthered my beliefs that Hungarians did not care for their Land, unlike us Britons, who would die protecting our brilliant nation. I spent the Christmas feasting with the helpers, though it was not a festive occasion. They had their dances, and all the time, I wondered why the Baron was not here, and if Savannah was in the Castle. He told me he felt ill, and had taken to his bedroom for much needed rest.


26 DecLast night was an amazing night full of such excitement. I finally decided to search for my beloved in the night, for much needed clues. I could not remain much longer; the Baron would appear suspicious.

Whilst I was searching in around the Baron’s quarters, I entered his room, which was shockingly empty, except for what my eyes could only tell to be a coffin. A coffin! Was somebody near death? I felt a tinge of fear for Clergyman Paye, but I expected him not to reside in the Baron’s quarters, so I relaxed. It was an odd feeling indeed to think of Paye whilst in front of his coffin; certainly, he could not be residing inside the coffin. It was quite the absurd thought!

Instead, I decided to stay hidden in the quarters for the night to locate what was the matter.

What I did not expect was for Savannah to enter with von Lorenz. My heart went aflutter! It began to sing!

I also did not expect what was to happen next. Savannah, looking all frightened clad only in a nightgown, was pushed up against the wall by von Lorenz.

I acted immediately. No harm could come upon dear Savannah! Her protection was vital, and she was not for this barbaric beast to share! Savannah noticed me immediately, and started to scream for me. She needed my help! I feared for my life, but I had to protect Savannah. The Baron was infuriated to notice me, and immediately reached up upon the wall for a sword perched there.

I told my beloved to get behind me, who obliged immediately, and reached immediately for my trusty bowie knife. I attempted to battle off the Baron, but he was strong, despite his frail demeanour. This battle could not be won, I realised shortly thereafter, thus, my survival instincts won out, and I held Savannah, and we ran as far as we possibly could out of the horrifying castle. The Baron did not attempt to follow us, I am certain, but I could hear his coughs and splutters echoing upon the castle walls.

My beloved and I did not stop running until we were far down the path of the castle, far away from the disgusting, barbaric Baron who threatened to destroy my pure, innocent love.


27 Dec – I have contacted the ‘British Gazette’. There is a fear the Baron will come after us, but I am certain we will be able to fend him off, both for mine and Savannah’s sake. Her father must be avenged. We are in British territory now. We are safe.




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